As long as I can remember, my dream was to become a hair stylist for ladies on special occasions. After the birth of my second son, I was able to make this dream a reality.


My job allows me to travel across the country, enabling me to share those very special moments with brides on their big day. I love creating, and this is an outlet where beauty collides with creativity. After years of styling beautiful brides, I realised that there is a very significant yet simplistic moment that brings it together. The placing of the veil. The more I had been a part of these moments, the more I realised the importance. The veil seals the deal and the bride is truly ready to step into the next chapter of her life.

As a hair stylist, I quickly became aware that some hairstyles don’t accommodate the traditional comb attachment. This led me to the vision for ‘Precious Veils’. Each of our Precious veils is anchored with a unique “clasp” attachment, which is secured by hairpins.

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There is a great deal of anticipation and scattered nerves the moment a veil is placed on. The buzz and excitement, knowing that you are stepping into something far beyond yourself. So much work has been put in right up until that very moment, and from here on in, you can almost feel yourself breathe again. There is such unique beauty in this moment, I wanted to be a part of it by creating something practical yet elegant. I believe in sewing into the community around me, and the importance that it brings. When business is done well and stewarded with honour, change can happen. This is why ‘Precious’ contributes to the work that is being done locally to support the youth in and out of schooling environments and to provide employment to those in restoration homes who have been victims of human trafficking. I knew that by creating a product that influenced beauty I could contribute towards something even more stunning.


‘Precious things are always veiled’

Historically, only women that were seen as “high worth” were believed to be worthy to wear a veil. Those days have changed. I believe that every woman is precious, that she is unique and has been created with a purpose. And what better way to show off your uniqueness than a handcrafted veil on your special day.

Bespoke Designs

We would be delighted to help you create your own unique veil. Maybe you have a loved one’s veil you would like redesigned or a piece of jewellery you would like incorporated. Please email and we will be happy to help.

Anchor Watches

We are beyond thrilled to be in partnership with Anchor Watches, also based in Northern Ireland ( They provide a fashionable, classic, yet contemporary design that would compliment anyone of our veils perfectly.